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Testimonials old

“Nigel is a charismatic teacher, who sets high standards and inspires his students. Fed up with making no progress with school lessons, my 14-year old daughter was ready to give up guitar before she started having lessons with Nigel. What a difference a great teacher makes. She is not doing grades, but loves playing her guitar (constantly), has made great progress and is studying music GCSE. Nigel is a first class teacher.”
“I started having lessons with Nigel when I was 10, and he was instantly very friendly and keen to improve my guitar skills. Now at 16 years old, I am still having lessons with Nigel and the lessons remain fun and very productive. Nigel has helped me with music in the school, for example, when I entered a guitar competition at school Nigel taught me an advanced piece, and helped me fine tune it until it was perfect, and so I won the competition! Nigel has definitely inspired me to continue playing guitar when I am older.”
“I think the course is great – Nigel’s an excellent teacher and the course material is in-depth enough to make you feel as if you’re really learning and not just covering off the basics. It’d be great if there was a follow-up intermediate course in the same vein… All in all – it’s very good!”
“I think it’s great, loads of homework and things that we can work on after the course has finished.”
“The course was really good, lots of work but if you put in the time the rewards are great. I would recommend it.”
“It’s really really good! Finding it to be just at the right pace.”
“Finding it hard work but very rewarding. Nigel is a good teacher and very helpful and accessible outside of class answering any problems via email or sending notes when I missed one week of lessons.”