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Online Lessons


You will need a computer this could be a laptop or desktop, tablet, PC or Mac with a broadband or Wi-Fi connection. Which ever you use you’ll need to make sure you have an internal microphone which is enabled or use an external microphone and a Webcam this could be either an internal camera or external one.

You will need to have installed either SKYPE, ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET my preferred platform is ZOOM.

You will be able to see and hear me and yourself clearly on one screen.

Firstly, You can contact me with an idea of what you would like to learn and we can then discuss and agree a suitable route for the lessons to take and arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct the lesson.

I send all the study notes/worksheets to your e-mail which can then be viewed during the lesson.

Online lessons run exactly like a 1 -1 lesson at my home and last 1 hour.

We arrange an appointment for your online lesson and then meet online on the arranged day and time.

All lessons are paid for in advance via direct bank transfer.

If during your online lesson our connection drops or fails (Which is rare but it can happen) all time lost is made up for.


I can teach you wherever you may be in the world from the comfort of your own home.

Online lessons are an excellent way to take 1 -1 lessons for those who can’t commute or live too far away or indeed live in a different country.

Save time and money on travelling.

Receive the same level of expert tuition.

All study notes sent direct to your e-mail.

Record and save your lessons enabling you to watch the lesson again at your leisure without any additional costs.

*note all recordings made are solely for private use and all copyright and ownership belongs to