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10 Week Guitar Courses

Since 2005 I have been providing guitar courses to companies to offer their employees as a company perk / well being initiative. The courses are 1 hour per week and run for 10 weeks. I normally teach groups of 10-20 people per class which can be conducted during the working hours (lunchtimes or morning/ afternoon breaks, they can also be arranged after work too.)

The courses have proven to be great fun and provide an excellent opportunity for those who are usually too busy to learn guitar after work or just don’t know the right way to get started. Even with the growing number of online guitar education sites it can feel overwhelming to a new comer of guitar and can often feel like an impossible task.

Group classes provide a thorough learning experience and offers practical advice and attention to each individual. Also research has found that learning in groups is often more productive and is a great way of enabling people to interact with each other.